Two-phase isotropic composites with prescribed bulk and shear moduli Print
Two-phase isotropic composites with prescribed bulk and shear moduli.
T. Łukasiak
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ABSTRACT: The paper deals with the inverse homogenization problem: to reconstruct the layout of two elastic and isotropic materials given by bulk and shear  moduli within a hexagonal (2D) pe-
riodicity cell, corresponding to the predefined values of the bulk and shear moduli, of the effective isotropic composite and to the given isoperimetric condition concerning the volume fractions. The effective
isotropic moduli are computed according to the homogenization algorithm, with using appropriate Finite Elements (FE) techniques along with periodicity assumptions. The inverse problem thus formulated can be ef-
fectively solved numerically by the Sequential Linear Programming (SLP) method. The isotropy conditions, usually explicitly introduced into the inverse homogenization formulation, do not appear in the algorithm, as
being fulfilled by the microstructure construconstruction. The rotational symmetry of angle 120o of the resulting representative volume element is assumed.