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91 Twenty Years of The Dekaban Program at The University of Michigan and Politechnika Warszawska 9361
92 Shell Structures: Theory and Applications - 2013 9763
93 Three-phase plane composites of minimal elastic stress energy: High-porosity structures. 13026
94 Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM) - 2013 13881
95 Topology Optimization in Structural and Continuum Mechanics 13209
96 Topology optimization in structural mechanics 9750
97 On minimum compliance problems of thin elastic plates of varying thickness 12631
98 Exact analytical solutions for some popular benchmark problems in topology optimization III: L-shaped domains revisited 12685
99 Exact least-volume trusses for two symmetric point loads and unequal permissible stresses in tension and compression 12614
100 New analytical benchmarks for topology optimization and their implications. Part I: bi-symmetric trusses with two point loads between supports 12756
101 Samouczek Metody Elementów Skończonych 12134
102 On the comparison of material interpolation schemes and optimal composite properties in plane shape optimization 13216
103 Stress energy minimization as a tool in the material layout design of shallow shells 13827
104 Komputerowe Wspomaganie Projektowania. Podstawy i przykłady. 11549
105 Poradnik Metody Elementów Skończonych 16253
106 The stiffest designs of elastic plates: Vector optimization for two loading conditions 12772
107 On the solution of the three forces problem and its application in optimal designing of a class of symmetric plane frameworks of least weight 12793
108 Bounds on the effective isotropic moduli of thin elastic composite plates 12203
109 Optymalizacja rozmieszczenia materiałów w sprężystych płytach cienkich 9104
110 Metody bezsiatkowe MLS i RPI w analizie i optymalizacji pól naprężeń w ciałach sprężystych 9539
111 Wirtualne modelowanie w projektowaniu 30270
112 Sandwich plates of minimal compliance 12905
113 Michell structures formed on surfaces of revolution 12390
114 On refined plate models based on kinematical assumptions 12367
115 O stosowaniu funkcji wagowych w metodzie czasoprzestrzennych elementów skończonych 11048
116 Comparison of some numerical integration methods for the equations of motion of systems with a finite number of degrees of freedom 8762
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