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T. Sokół, On the Numerical Approximation of Michell Trusses and the Improved Ground Structure Method, pp 1411-1417,
T. Lewiński, S. Czarnecki, R.Czubacki, T.Łukasiak, and P.Wawruch, Constrained Versions of the Free Material Design Methods  and Their Applications in 3D Printing, pp 1317-1332,
T. Łukasiak, Macroscopically Isotropic and Cubic-Isotropic Two-Material Periodic Structures Constructed by the Inverse-Homogenization Method , pp 1333-1348,
G.Dzierżanowski and T.Lewiński, Young's Modulus Control in Material and Topology Optimization, pp 1374-1385,

Prace ukazały się w: A.Schumacher, Th.Vietor, S.Fiebig, K.-U. Bletzinger,  K.Maute, Editors.   Advances in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization. Proceedings of the 12th World Congress of Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization (WCSMO12). Springer International Publishing AG 2018, Cham, Switzerland.