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Udział pracowników Zakładu w konferencji:

Workshop on Engineering Optimization 2019
IPPT PAN, Warszawa, 4 listopada 2019
Org. przez: dr B.Błachowski, P.Tauzowski

Referaty wygłoszone przez pracowników Zakładu:
S.Czarnecki, Stress based methods in topology optimization: Isotropic Material Design and Young Modulus Design.

C.Graczykowski, T.Lewiński, Applications of Michell’s Theory in Design of High-rise Buildings, Large-scale Roofs and Long-span Bridges.

T. Lewiński, K. Bołbotowski, S. Czarnecki, R. Czubacki, G. Dzierżanowski, T. Łukasiak, T. Sokół, P. Wawruch, Least weight trusses and least compliant bodies. Optimal layout problems, recovery of underlying microstructure and first steps towards 3D printing.

T. Sokół, Exact analytical solution of Michell cantilever on circular support for unequal permissible stresses in tension and compression.